Expert Committee

Members of the Expert Committee oversee, support and enhance the established framework for ICEC Experts to share their skills, knowledge and wisdom in sustainable person-to-person partnerships with ICEC Centers and Associates. The Expert Committee provides professional oversight of ICEC Experts to foster continuing quality improvements to the mentoring relationships.

Through a formal application process, the Committee selects Experts over a range of disciplines and with special interest in specific disease sites and/or the special contributions to be made in science non-medical or professional support services. Experts will be selected from volunteers and will also be recruited specifically for designated ICEC projects. Metrics for performance and advancement will be developed to assess progress and ongoing support, recognizing that ICEC is “implementation science”. This will be in conjunction with the Career Path Working Group.

The Committee will advise the Scientific Committee and Board of Directors as to which new Expert Panels to form based on the growing needs of ICEC mentorship. The Committee will assess the progress of the Expert Panels and recommend changes/modifications.

Career Path Working Group

Key to a sustainable mentoring program is a career path for Experts and Associates. The Career Path Working Group will establish and modify as appropriate, metrics for productivity and progress and develop a path for advancement and recognition for achievement. Relevant distinctions will be made of academia, practice, senior mentors and others. The Working Group will work with academic institutions with the goal of global/indigenous health to be a bona fide career path, recognizing altruistic human service.

Committee Members


Theodore L. DeWeese, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Surbhi Grover, MD, MPH

University of Pennsylvania

Nina Mayer, MD

University of Washington

Majid Mohiuddin, MD

Radiation Oncology Consultants, Chicago

Dan Petereit, MD

Director American Indian “Walking Forward” Program

Lawrence N. Shulman, MD

University of Pennsylvania


Onyinye Balogun, MD

University of Chicago

Nancy Daly, MS, MPH

ASCO – Conquer Cancer Foundation

David Jaffray, PhD

Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto

Theodore Lawrence, MD, PhD

University of Michigan

Quynh-Thy X. Le, MD


Matthew Parliament, MD, FRCPC

Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta

Kit Polley Thayer

Surbhi Grover, MD, MPH

University of Pennsylvania

Sandeep “Sunny” Kishore, MD

Yale University

Rene-Olivier Mirimanoff, MD

University of Lausanne

Ian F. Tannock, MD, PhD, DSc

Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto

Gillian Thomas, BSc, MD, FRCPC, FRCR (Hon)

Odette Cancer Centre

Scott A. Triedman, MD

North Main Radiation Oncology