2018 – Board of Directors
The Board of Directors was expanded in 2017 to include a broader range of expertise and international membership, namely: Manjit Dosanjh, PhD, Life Sciences Advisor, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Miles Pomper, Senior Fellow, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, and Rebecca K. S. Wong, MSc, MD, FRCPCCancer Clinical Research Unit (CCRU), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University of Toronto. We continue to seek the participation of our international colleagues and encourage you to contact ICEC if you are interested in joining us in our efforts. A list of Board members and their biographies are available on the ICEC website. Members are committed to 100% board participation in providing financial support to the organization and all have agreed to a standards of conduct and a conflict of interest policy.

2018- Advisory Board

ICEC’s Advisory Board is comprised of a highly motivated group of individuals interested in advancing the efforts of the organization to improve access to high-quality cancer care globally. Advisory Board members guide and support the governance work of the board as well as some of the management assignments carried out by staff. Their individual expertise is valuable to the organization as they serve as both ambassadors and emissaries to our constituents and serve as scientific, programmatic, and development advisors performing important duties, such as program evaluation, fundraising and advocacy.

Jacob van Dyke and Yakov Pipman, members of Medical Physics for World Benefit, have contributed significantly to ICEC’s efforts to develop innovative ideas to improve radiation treatment systems capable of functioning in challenging environments. David Jaffray has also been instrumental in the development of this program. Other Advisory Board members making key contributions to further the mission of ICEC include Surbhi Grover regarding her on the ground experiences developing a cancer center in Botswana, Michael Friedman and Majid M. Mohiuddin, MD each contributing to our development efforts, and Keith Martin, PC, MD, (CUGH) and Danielle Rodin, both of whom have raised the visibility of ICEC in the global health landscape.

Advisory Board members include:
Melissa A. Adde, RN, MSN
International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research

Rifat Atun, MD, PhD
Harvard School of Public Health

Soo Kee Chee, MD
National Cancer Centre Singapore 

Nancy Reise Daly, MS, MPH
American Society of Clinical Oncology, Conquer Cancer Foundation

Michael Friedman, MD
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center

Surbhi Grover, MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania

David Jaffray, PhD
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Douglas Johnson, MD, FACR
Senior Advisor

Samir Khleif, MD

Sandeep P. Kishore, MD, PhD
Yale University

Theodore Lawrence, MD
University of Michigan

Anthony Lechich, MD

Maria Barbara Leon, MD
Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Fei-Fei Liu, MD, FRCPC
Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto

Ian Magrath, MD
International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research

Keith Martin, PC, MD
Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Majid M. Mohiuddin, MD
Radiation Oncology Consultants

Yakov Pipman, DSc
Medical Physics for World Benefit

Danielle Rodin, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto
Harkness Fellow/CFHI Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Jake Van Dyk, PhD, FCCPM, FAAPM, FCOMP, DSc (hon)
Medical Physics for World Benefit

Christopher G. Willett, MD
Duke University

The members of the ICEC Board of Directors are committed to the organization’s mission  to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life for people with cancer in low- and middle-income countries, as well as the indigenous and geographically underserved populations in upper-income countries and regions worldwide. The ICEC addresses this mission through a mentoring network of cancer professionals who work with local and regional in-country groups to develop and sustain expertise for better cancer care. ICEC envisions a world in which everyone has access to interventions to prevent and treat cancer and its symptoms using high-quality best practices for the local circumstances. Addressing, realizing and sustaining this vision can benefit people everywhere because of the scientific, societal, humanitarian and diplomatic consequences of ICEC activities.

Members are committed to 100% board participation in providing financial support to the organization and all have agreed to a standards of conduct and a conflict of interest policy.


June 2016 –

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

–  A Board of Directors in-person meeting was held on June 2 at the Law Offices of Baker and McKenzie. LLP.

– Harmar Brereton, MD, medical and radiation oncologist, has joined the Board of Directors. He has retired from active practice and helped to establish The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA. Dr. Brereton was a colleague of Dr. Coleman when they were Clinical Associates at the National Cancer Institute in the 1970s and brings a wealth of experience in multi-site community practice, academia and entrepreneurship.

– A full listing of ICEC Board members and their biographies are on the ICEC website.