C. Norman Coleman / Paul Kaplan Endowment Fund for Mentorship

Help ICEC build for the future: contribute to the Endowment

Contributions to the C. Norman Coleman / Paul Kaplan Endowment Fund for Mentorship Fund are encouraged and may be made online below or by completing and mailing a downloadable donation form to the International Cancer Expert Corps. Other members of the Kaplan family have also contributed to the Endowment Fund to ensure that Paul’s legacy remains present and impactful well into the future. A list of donors will be accessible on the ICEC website in 2023.

Establishing the Endowment Fund

Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman, a founding member of the International Cancer Expert Corps, had a great vision and an unsurpassed understanding of the needs of people with cancer and their families, friends, and colleagues. Through the establishment of the C. Norman Coleman / Paul Kaplan Endowment Fund for Mentorship, Norm’s dear friend, Paul Kaplan, son of Dr. Henry Kaplan, leveraged their nearly 40-year friendship to create an endowment that would have the potential to substantively enhance the quality of cancer care delivery around the globe, potentially impacting thousands of lives.

Paul Kaplan - Norm's good friend

Paul Kaplan

Paul astutely recognized the importance of mentorship and support from leadership for those individuals who displayed a genuine interest in this area of pioneering global health work. Understanding the enormous gap in cancer care for the underserved worldwide in Low- and Middle-Income Countries and also among the indigenous and geographically isolated peoples in the United States and other resource-rich countries, Norm and fellow ICEC Board members developed the unique ICEC approach to global mentorship and to help bring altruistic human service careers to the fore in cancer care. To succeed and reach the necessary scale of action, there is a need for a career-long effort that requires sustainability and continuity so that person-to-person partnerships can be established and maintained.