ICEC Programs and Committees are now underway. Information is posted regarding opportunities and expectations for participation, the application process, and other operational information.

ICEC  Hubs and their affiliated ICEC Centers/Associates in Low- and Middle-Income Countries and cancer health disparity regions based on geographic access in resource-rich countries have initiated mentorship relationships between ICEC Experts and identified ICEC Associates.  Global programs include partners from Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia, Poland, and, Mexico working in many countries including Armenia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Gabon, Algeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cambodia and others.


Unique Models & Concepts

ICEC – what it uniquely accomplishes

Complex Systems Solution


Transforming Science, Service, and Society

Think globally, mentor locally.

Translating intention into action.

Capacity, capability, credibility – sustainable system

CN Coleman and RR Love.

Sci Transl Med 2014;6:259