ICEC is a network-oriented global partnership that emphasizes sustainability and growth through
ICEC’s Twinning Programs. Learn more about ICEC's current Twinning Programs and Experts who
are transforming cancer care across the globe.


Think globally, mentor locally.

ICEC envisions a world in which everyone
has access to intervention that prevents and
treats cancer and its symptoms, using best
practices for providing high-quality cancer care.

ICEC Young Investigator's Conference Faculty 2019

Inaugural Meeting

Young Investigators’ Conference: Pioneering Action for Global Cancer Care


About ICEC

The World Health Organization global status report (2010) and a related United Nations declaration (2012) brought attention to the rapidly growing burden of non-communicable diseases in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).

Globally, cancer is a growing and progressively urgent problem from medical, health system, business, work force, economic and ethical perspectives. The case burdens are increasing in LMICs and also in rural underserved areas in resource-rich countries, and by various measures outcomes are significantly worse than in high-income countries and regions.

ICEC Programs and Committees are now underway. Information is posted regarding opportunities and expectations for participation, the application process and other operational information.

ICEC is establishing its initial mentoring relationships among Experts and Associates. In-kind donation of time and support are welcome.

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Watch the webinar –  Disparities in Cancer Care for Women: An Urgent Global Need

A panel presentation at the Committee for the Status of Women CSW66 Forum, March 18, 2022