The Scientific Committee coordinates the scientific activities of ICEC in terms of achieving the high level of expectations for ICEC. The Committee advises the leadership of ICEC in its goals of conducting implementation science, program building and research on a global scale. To minimize “layers” of bureaucracy and facilitate the ability to rapidly make decisions, the Scientific Committee members include Co-chairs of the Expert, Hub, Centers and Associates Committees, and other Panels as assigned by the Board of Directors. In effect, this coordination, harmonization and recommendation process is the only step between the Expert, Hub, Centers and Associates Committee and the final decision by the Board of Directors.

With input from their respective Committees the Scientific Committee rapidly aggregates information and provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors and ICEC Operations Working Group on the composition of those ICEC committees and Expert Panels involved in the conduct of scientific and educational activities in terms of ability to perform the science and inject creativity in the research and education programs; assesses the status of and effectiveness of ICEC communications in terms of the technical sophistication of conference calls, the effectiveness of mentoring by the Expert Panels or individual Experts, the progress by the Hubs and Associates, and the level of implementation science, translational science as well as the type of clinical trials. It, reviews and critiques clinical care guidelines, especially the clinical research protocols being conducted under the ICEC banner, either alone or in collaboration with other clinical cancer research groups.

Committee Members

Daniel Petereit MD
American Indian “Walking Forward” program

Norman Coleman, MD, DSc
Bethesda, MD

Larry Schulman MD
University of Pennsylvania

Ian Tannock MD
Princess Margaret Hospital
University of Toronto

Ted DeWeese, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Surbhi Grover MD, MPH
University of Pennsylvania

Sandeep “Sunny” Kishore MD, PhD
Yale University

Theodore Lawrence MD, PhD
University of Michigan

Nina Mayer MD
University of Washington

Majid Mohiuddin MD
Radiation Oncology Consultants, Chicago

Melissa Adde RN, MSN
International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research

Soo Khee Chee MD
National Cancer Center – Singapore

Chi Dang MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Fei-Fei Liu MD
Princess Margaret Hospital
University of Toronto

Ian McGrath, MD
Princess Margaret Hospital
University of Toronto

Timothy Williams, MD
Lynn Cancer Institute
Boca Radiation Oncology Associates

Samir Khleif, MD

Michael Steinberg, MD
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

John M. “Mac” Longo, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Danielle Rodin, MD
University of Toronto

Mira Shah, MD
Henry Ford Hospital

Tracy Sheretz, MD
UCSF School of Medicine

David Pistenmaa, MD, PhD

Lawrence Roth