Lori Mc Crory

Hailing from Southeast Asia and the Northern Mariana Islands, I witnessed and experienced inequities in my communities first-hand. For many of my friends and family, their socioeconomic circumstances meant limited access to adequate and thorough healthcare services. With these inequities in mind, I wanted to learn more about the socioeconomic determinants of health and  how I would be able to improve them in my communities. I worked as a communications and social media intern for the Davis Feminist Film Festival and Women Thrive Alliance, two non-profits dedicated to educating others about social inequalities that exist and building resources for disadvantaged communities.  It was through these organizations that I realized my passion for activism and social justice.

Currently, I attend the University of California, Davis where I study communications in broadcast and social media. In the future, I plan to work for a nonprofit organization where I will be able to bridge gaps in gender, race, class, and health in marginalized communities through educational media and on-the-ground activism.