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Paul Wyrough

My interest in cancer developed at an early age while at high school. During an internship, I began researching how M2 macrophage polarization can affect tumor growth and metastasis in the summer of my Junior year, and ever since I’ve appreciated the reward of working towards a problem that is so prevalent in today’s society. For the summer of my senior year, I am thrilled to work towards bringing cancer treatment to developing countries by collecting data and creating databases of linac manufacturers. Though I have no formal degree yet, I have the experience of developing my own research (on harvesting energy from carbon dioxide emissions using capacitive mixing, funded by my high school) where I’ve become familiar with data collection and reading scholarly articles. Additionally, while interning at NASA Goddard, I gained experience with creating databases between 3D modeling for the GEDI Lidar project. I look forward to pulling from both those experiences to work towards a great cause here at the ICEC!
Born and raised in Maryland, I am excited to attend The A. James Clark School of Engineering at The University of Maryland this coming fall, working towards a major in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Nanotechnology.