Organization and Operations

July 2017

The ICEC Central Operations Working Group convenes weekly. We continue the migration of our data to to facilitate efficient business and financial operations. Kathleen M. Flaherty, CPA and Principal of Matthews, Carter & Boyce provides independent audits and accounting oversight.

The “volunteer” staff is providing extensive expertise:  Costing out the hours of volunteerism, we have had more than 1081 donated hours for 2017, using the NIH FTE rate (not the actual salaries which would be greater) for, what amounts to approximately $125,000.  We have established an award system for donated time on an annual basis with the following categories: Bronze- 50 hours; Silver- 100, Gold- 200, Platinum-300, and Diamond- 400 (or equivalent to >8 hours per week or “20% FTE”. In addition, ICEC has brought on summer interns to assist with communications and research related to our innovation in technology efforts.

– ICEC has hired two interns for the summer. Paul Wyrough, our Physics Research Intern has been tasked to support the efforts that resulted from the workshop, “Design Characteristics of a Novel Linear Accelerator for Challenging Environments” held late in 2016.  Lori Mc Crory, our Communications and Social Media Intern is working to expand the organization’s outreach through various social and digital media channels. Follow us on Twitter @ICECcancer and keep up with us on Facebook at the International Cancer Expert Corps or @ICEC.CANCER.