Organization and Operations

The ICEC Central Operations Working Group focused on recruitment, development and planning at the June 1 Reception and June 2 Board of Directors meeting at the Law Offices of Baker and McKenzie, LLP.

– Working with TECHNA, we have migrated our website and email to 1&1 housed in the US.

– A key concept for ICEC is to have in-house systems that enable us to be efficient and cost-effective while using consultants and services as necessary, TECHNA being an outstanding example.  We are working on migration of our data to to facilitate efficient business and financial systems. We hired financial and accounting services to provide independent audits and data that will be presented to the Board of Directors.

– The ICEC Central Operations Working Group consists of Dave Pistenmaa (Executive Secretary), Larry Roth (President), Nina Wendling (Chief Operating Officer), Norm Coleman (Chief Scientific Advisor), Emine Ozbay, David Kramer (Technical Advisor), Luca Valle and, when available, Nelson Chao.


– Working through the various procedures of the US Government and NIH, we are closer to establishing a teleconference and TELESYNERGY facility. With assistance from the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) at NIH, and Open Systems Health Laboratory (OHSL), an NGO in Rockville with whom ICEC is working, we are getting this system ready for ICEC use.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

– The members of the Boards and biographies are on the ICEC website.

–  A Board of Directors in-person meeting was held on June 2 at the Law Offices of Baker & McKenzie.

– Harmar Brereton, MD, medical and radiation oncologist, has joined the Board of Directors. He has retired from active practice and helped to establish The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA. Dr. Brereton was a colleague of Dr. Coleman when they were Clinical Associates at the National Cancer Institute in the 1970s and brings a wealth of experience in multi-site community practice, academia and entrepreneurship.

Outreach and Development:

– We have contacted the Carter Foundation. Even though cancer is not among the projects they support, we are aiming to discuss with them how the sustainability of the ICEC model could benefit their programs including the need for infectious disease experts as a component of cancer care. Our Outreach and Development group is working on applications for funds from foundations.  We are very much open to your suggestions, contacts, support and assistance.

– The first informational reception, Partnering to Transform Global Cancer Care was held on June 1 with the generous support from the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Washington, DC office of Baker and McKenzie, LLP. Baker & McKenzie is the largest international law firm in the world, with lawyers in 77 offices across 47 countries. ICEC appreciates the office’s generosity and interest in our mission. The individuals who spoke at the reception demonstrated the unique breadth of ICEC:

– The Ellen Lewis Stovall Early Career Leaders Award was given to Danielle Rodin, Mac Longo, Surbhi Grover, Tracy Sherertz and Mira Shah. Both an individual stipend and a group award was provided with the funds to be used at their discretion.

– The Dr. Rodney R. Million Fund for Innovation in Clinical Care has been established by a generous contribution from the Million family to support activities in Africa. This new fund was announced at the June 1 reception. Lynn Million, MD, an ICEC Expert in pediatric radiation oncology will be spending a sabbatical in Africa this summer to help ICEC assess needs and develop programs.

More information about making a contribution to support the Stovall Award or the Million Fund, or to submit an application to join ICEC, can be found on the ICEC website.