Sponsorship Policy

ICEC establishes partnerships and endorsements with professional societies, academic medical centers, cancer centers, corporations and industry. There is a wealth of opportunity to sponsor programs, ICEC Experts and Associates and related components. ICEC has developed a sponsorship program for our activities and welcomes inquiries from potential sponsors.

Please contact ICEC for any questions or comments.

The International Cancer Expert Corps (“ICEC”) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, based in the United States, whose mission is to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life for people with cancer in low- and middle-income countries, as well as the indigenous and geographically underserved populations in upper-income countries and regions worldwide. To support our efforts, ICEC joins with industry leaders, internationally and nationally based companies, academic medical centers, professional societies, non-governmental organizations and others. As such, ICEC has adopted a policy to define and guide these partnerships.

ICEC appreciates the opportunity to work with groups such as these to support our efforts. It is a privilege to be a trusted convener and collaborator in the global health community, and we work to identify common ground to further our mission and the mission of our partners. Their continued support maintains the strength of ICEC and makes tangible our tagline, “Partnering to Transform Global Cancer Care.”

ICEC may join with professional societies, corporations, and others to produce conferences, receptions, programs, informational or educational materials and events. The ICEC partnership policy was developed to define expectations and guide these relationships.

  • All corporate and industry grants provided to ICEC for the production of educational materials, programs and events are considered unrestricted educational grants. ICEC maintains final approval and copyright for program and content development, presenters, faculty and speaker selection.
  • All grants provided to ICEC for conferences, workshops, receptions, outreach programs, and events are designated as unrestricted.
  • ICEC does not endorse in any of its materials, electronic media or through activities, any specific product or product name. Written educational and event materials produced and hosted by ICEC may list the sponsor’s or underwriter’s name but may not, under any circumstance, provide an endorsement of a specific product, treatment or protocol.
  • All conference and event materials and programs developed by ICEC are the property of ICEC and must carry the ICEC copyright, and as such, cannot be changed, modified or duplicated without prior written permission from ICEC.
  • All faculty and speakers at ICEC educational conferences, events and programs will be required to disclose their relationship with any and all corporate sponsors.
  • ICEC will not, under any circumstance, accept contributions from corporations, contingent upon special requests. ICEC maintains total independence and ultimate authority over all of its programmatic, outreach and educational activities separate and apart from any relationship or partnership.
  • ICEC reserves the right to sever any association with, and return contributions from, an entity that participates in programmatic, outreach and educational activities that are in significant conflict with ICEC activities and positions.
  • Any industry leader, corporate partner, academic medical center, professional society, non-governmental organization, or private partner wishing to reference ICEC or any ICEC project, publication or position must first seek the prior review and written approval of ICEC.
  • ICEC does not sell or release its mailing and email list to its supporting partners.