Dear Friend,

On behalf of the International Cancer Expert Corps’ Board of Directors and Staff, we thank all who have graciously supported ICEC’s efforts whether through interest, financial support or action. We are tremendously grateful for your help as ICEC continues to focus on reducing the devastation of cancer and promoting international peace and health security.

ICEC works to fill the massive gap in the delivery of global cancer care in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and among indigenous populations in upper-income countries through our systems approach to transform global cancer care through effective, sustainable, and innovative solutions, while also working to address some complex global societal problems.  We’ve been fortunate to have grown into a global leadership position as a convener, thought leader and action-oriented organization for cancer care worldwide.

Leveraging the organization’s broadening reach, ICEC will host the upcoming Young Investigators’ Conference: Pioneering Action for Global Cancer Care on February 14-15, 2019 in Washington, DC. Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), will present the keynote address. Additionally, ICEC continues to address the well-recognized global need for robust, first-rate radiation treatment systems capable of functioning in the challenging environments encountered in many developing countries. For the last 3 years, ICEC has worked with CERN and the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council to identify solutions to address this complex issue through workshops and meetings in the US and in Europe. A follow-on workshop, “Accelerating the Future: Designing a Robust and Affordable Radiation Therapy Treatment System for Challenging Environments” will take place in Gaborone, Botswana in March 2019.

ICEC-associated Twinning Programs and mentoring relationships are ongoing in Armenia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Gabon, Ethiopia, Algeria, Haiti, Peru, Mexico, Cambodia and Botswana.  Through education, training and the continued development of innovative technologies, ICEC’s professional mentoring network and its unique approaches are enhancing the delivery of the full spectrum of cancer care from prevention and screening to curative treatment and palliative care. The ICEC model is proving to be an essential component of the effort to improve the quality of global cancer care.

Our global community faces extraordinary times—times that require visionaries dedicated to helping solve problems—some of which are obvious but felt to be “too hard” to solve while others require vision, optimism and passion to make the necessary huge leaps forward. To learn more about our efforts, read our Winter 2018 Essential News Letter.

With your ongoing support, we will continue our efforts to attract the national and international attention that ICEC needs to accomplish its goals to address the global cancer crisis. In addition, we will continue to recruit and mentor the bright and dedicated young professionals who are willing to accept these transformational opportunities and exceptional challenges.

We hope that you continue to appreciate the compelling challenges and opportunities in remedying the shortfalls in cancer care globally and recognize that ICEC can solve many of these challenges through our programs and partnerships based on altruism, service to patients and trust.  We wish you a wonderful holiday season as well as happiness and good health throughout the New Year.

With our utmost appreciation,
Larry Roth and Nina Wendling