Radiation Oncology: Taking the lead

The need, opportunities and interest in global oncology in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) are apparent with a surge in passion and leadership from radiation oncology residents and young faculty. Many universities have an increasing focus on internationalization and, as Chairs, you know that attracting and retaining these individuals often depends on your ability to offer global projects.

The ICEC model program supports the time and effort of mentors and mentees to build cancer programs with the goal for the latter to be able to deliver guideline- and protocol-based cancer care in developing countries at international quality standards. The ICEC mentorship model has the full potential to completely change the standards of global health by forming an ever-expanding global network to deliver cancer care specifically, and health care generally, at world-class levels. This effort offers value to academic programs as it further strengthens your ability to offer trainees global projects and we welcome you personally joining ICEC as an Expert-Mentor or ICEC Hub, or both.

A Global Health Opportunity for Senior Cancer and Healthcare Professionals and Retirees

Whether a physician, physicist, economist, nurse, social worker or other healthcare professional, there comes a phase in life when it may be time to change pace in one’s profession. The opportunity to keep busy intellectually by using one’s professional knowledge to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) as well as in geographically underserved regions in upper-income countries (UICs) as with indigenous people, is a distinct privilege for those inclined to do so in the latter years of his or her career. There is an extraordinary opportunity for healthcare professionals, industry, academia, and governments to form a global partnership to address this gap in cancer care and improve the quality and quantity of life for so many. Learn about opportunities to serve as an ICEC Expert Mentor. Read more…

Academia, Private Practice and Retirees

ICEC needs and is seeking support.  ICEC is a resource that is available to your Department. While aggressive efforts to secure funding from foundations are underway, we are asking for financial support from our profession, especially our academic programs. ICEC is also seeking support from our colleagues in private practice and from retirees. We have a propitious window of opportunity to lead a substantial global cancer care effort involving academia, private practice, industry, philanthropy and government.

Questions? Contact ICEC

To learn more about mentoring, becoming an ICEC Hub, making a contribution or other forms of planned-giving, please visit our website at https://www.iceccancer.org/donate/, or feel free to contact ICEC at 202-478-1928.  Your support of the ICEC helps us to pursue the many opportunities to transform global cancer care.

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Dr. Silvia Formenti, a member of the ICEC Board of Directors, speaking at the ICEC “Partnering to Transform Global Cancer Care” reception introducing the organization to colleagues in the corporate, scientific, governmental and philanthropic communities.

Dr. Surbhi Grover, MD, MBA, University of Pennsylvania, working with the Botswana-UPENN partnership in developing an oncology program at Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone, Botswana