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Green Journal article, “ENLIGHT: European network for Light ion hadron therapy”

The article, “ENLIGHT: European network for Light ion hadron therapy” published in the most recent Radiotherapy and Oncology issue, chronicles 15 years of ENLIGHT, reflecting the power and need for collaboration. ENLIGHT has been extremely influential in its work related to hadron therapy (HT), including topics such as patient selection, clinical trials, technology, radiobiology, imaging and health economics. ENLIGHT was initiated through CERN and ESTRO and dealt with various disciplines such as (medical) physics and engineering, radiation biology and radiation oncology.   Read more

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Excellent new blog series on radiotherapy by Cancer Research UK

Excellent new blog series on radiotherapy by Cancer Research UK provides a broad overview of radiotherapy treatment for cancer, tracing back to its roots in the 19th Century to how it’s used today. The online blog incorporates easy to understand videos chronicling radiotherapy through decades of research to refine, improve and innovate the treatment. Today radiotherapy has become an incredibly sophisticated and precise technique that cures more people than cancer drugs. Access the blog: An introduction to radiotherapy: what is it, how does it work, and what’s it for? and watch the video, “What is cancer radiotherapy and how does it work?”

World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
– Dr. Coleman keynote speaker- presented ICEC as a means for in-country education and training and for helping bring linear accelerators to low- and middle-income countries.

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Access to Medical Devices in Low-Income Countries: Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Medical Device Donations

The discussion paper, Access to Medical Devices in Low-Income Countries: Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Medical Device Donations, addresses critical barriers to successful medical donations, better alternatives for existing guidance for donations, and identifies solutions to improve the medical care in low-income countries. The paper focuses on how to effectively align and interact with alliance organizations, exporting and importing government agencies, international partners, local regulators and local partners of import countries. Read the article…


Changing the Global Radiation Therapy Paradigm

Read the recent journal article  “Changing the global radiation therapy paradigm”, written by ICEC Chief Scientific Program Director, David A. Pistenmaa and others, published in Radiotherapy and Oncology.   Filling the gap in cancer care in underserved regions worldwide requires global collaboration and concerted effort to share creative ideas, pool talents and develop sustainable support from governments, industry, academia and non-governmental organizations. Comprehensive cancer care, which fits within and strengthens the broader healthcare system, ranges from prevention to screening, to curative treatment, to palliative care and to long-term follow-up. Radiation therapy is an essential component for curative and palliative cancer care and can serve as a stable focal point physically and for personnel around which regional cancer and health care programs can be established. Read the article…

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Dr. C. Norman Coleman to receive The Ellen L. Stovall Award for In novation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care

The Ellen L. Stovall Award for Innovation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care is a unique opportunity for patients and survivors to recognize exceptional providers who are transforming cancer care.
The Stovall Award is awarded annually to individuals, organizations, or other entities who demonstrate innovation in improving cancer care for patients in America. NCCS created the Stovall Award in honor of Ellen Stovall, our longtime CEO who passed away in 2016 due to cardiac complications from her cancer treatment. In addition to Ellen’s pivotal efforts ensuring the delivery of high-quality cancer care and to survivorship,  Ellen was a founding board member of the International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC), an organization that provided a conduit for to expand her efforts globally. Learn more about Dr. Coleman’s work, ICEC and the Ellen L. Stovall award.NCCS Announces 2018 Stovall Award Honorees