ICEC is at a critical stage in assembling the public-private global partnership necessary to have an effective solution for the great disparities in global cancer care. ICEC takes advantage of every opportunity to bring focus to the need to improve global cancer care. ICEC’s Board of Directors, Advisory Board members, staff and other constituents are encouraged through presentations, awards, events and publications to represent the organization’s efforts and the efforts of others who are working as part of the solution. Let us know what contributions you or others are making and we can include them in future “Essential News” Letters.


– The ASTROnews, Summer 2017 addition, highlighted the excellent efforts of Dr. Surbhi Grover and Dr. Onyinye Balogun, included an opinion piece penned jointly by many ICEC Board members, Experts and volunteers, and highlighted the ICEC’s meeting at CERN to explore the design of a linear accelerator to be used in challenging environments.

Presentations related to ICEC at various meetings

– IAEA – International Conference on Nuclear Security: Commitments and Actions; Vienna, Dec 5-9.

– UCSF – “Addressing the global need for cancer and non-communicable disease care: from gap to vision to implementation” Norm Coleman, May, 2017

– CUGH poster:  International Cancer Expert Corps: Sustainable Mentorship and Transformational Technology for Cancer Disparities Worldwide David A. Pistenmaa, C. Norman Coleman International Cancer Expert Corps, Inc. (ICEC), Washington, DC.  April, 2017

– CGH poster: Effective global cancer care requires radiation therapy: defining a path from no radiotherapy to radiotherapy of high quality globally.  C. Norman Coleman1, David Pistenmaa1, David Jaffray2, Mary Gospodarowicz2, Bhadrasain Vikram3, Steve Myers6, Maurizio Vretenar4, Ugo Amaldi5, Manjit Dosanjh4;  1International Cancer Expert Corps, Washington, DC; 2Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto; 3Radiation Research Program, DCTD, NCI; 4CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 5TERA Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland, 6ADAM, Geneva, Switzerland.


(these publications are since the last Essential News Letter related to ICEC and/or from ICEC members relevant to global health; readers, please provide additional citations)

CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, special issue (2017)

– Radiotherapy in Low- and Middle-income Countries. What Can We Do Differently?
M.B. Barton, E. Zubizarreta, M. Gospodarowicz

– The Benefits of Providing External Beam Radiotherapy in Low- and Middle-income Countries
M.L. Yap, T.P. Hanna, J. Shafiq, J. Ferlay, F. Bray, G.P. Delaney, M. Barton

– Balancing Equity and Advancement: The Role of Health Technology Assessment in Radiotherapy Resource Allocation
Rodin, A. Aggarwal, Y. Lievens, R. Sullivan

– Global Access to Radiotherapy in Low- and Middle-income Countries
Abdel-Wahab, E. Fidarova, A. Polo

– Cobalt-60 Machines and Medical Linear Accelerators: Competing Technologies for External Beam Radiotherapy
B.J. Healy, D. van der Merwe, K.E. Christaki, A. Meghzifene

– Mobilising Expertise and Resources to Close the Radiotherapy Gap in Cancer Care
Rodin, J. Longo, T. Sherertz, M.M. Shah, O. Balagun, N. Wendling, J. Van Dyk, C.N. Coleman, M.J. Xu, S. Grover


– Implementing Cancer Care for the Underserved Globally: From the “5 R’s” of Radiobiology to the “7 P’s” of Global Cancer Care

Tim R. Williams, C. Norman Coleman- Bridging Innovation and Outreach to Overcome Global Gaps in Radiation Oncology Through Information and Communication Tools, Trainee Advancement, Engaging Industry, Attention to Ethical Challenges, and Political Advocacy

– Luqman Dad, Trevor J. Royce, Zachary Morris, Meena Moran, Todd Pawlicki, Deepak Khuntia, Patricia Hardenbergh, Bernard Cummings, Nina Mayr, Kenneth Hu

– Improving Quality and Access to Radiation Therapy—An IAEA Perspective
May Abdel-Wahab, Eduardo Zubizarreta, Alfredo Polo, Ahmed Meghzifene

– Global Health in Radiation Oncology: The Emergence of a New Career Pathway
Danielle Rodin, Mei Ling Yap, Surbhi Grover, John M. Longo, Onyinye Balogun, Sandra Turner, Jesper G. Eriksen, C. Norman Coleman, Meredith Giuliani

– Radiation Oncology Quality and Safety Considerations in Low-Resource Settings: A Medical Physics Perspective
Jacob Van Dyk, Ahmed Meghzifene

– Cancer Care Access and Outcomes for American Indian Populations in the United States: Challenges and Models for Progress
Ashleigh Guadagnolo, Daniel G. Petereit, C. Norman Coleman

– Radiation Oncology in India: Challenges and Opportunities
Surbhi Grover, Shivakumar Gudi, Ajeet Kumar Gandhi, Priya M. Puri, Adam C. Olson, Danielle Rodin, Onyi Balogun, Preet K. Dhillon, Daya Nand Sharma, Goura Kishor Rath, Shyam Kishore Shrivastava, Akila N. Viswanathan, Umesh Mahantshett

– Challenges and Prospects for Providing Radiation Oncology Services in Africa
Onyinye Balogun, Danielle Rodin, Wilfred Ngwa, Surbhi Grover, John Longo