The underlying principle of ICEC is to establish a sustainable corps of experts who have sufficient time and resources to provide mentorship to healthcare workers within an underserved community so that over a mutually developed timeline the team in the lower-middle income facility can provide the full spectrum of cancer care at international standards.

December 2016

ICEC Centers and Associates/Hubs and Experts:
– ICEC is working with a number of cancer centers and private practices to establish the global network of ICEC Hubs in developed countries. The names of the initial Hubs will be posted on a website global map. At this time, these Hubs are providing in-kind assistance, advice and key connections to potential ICEC Centers in their overseas or indigenous regions of interest.

– We are building the rosters for the initial ICEC programs which are from existing twinning programs. We are finalizing a “5-step phase-in” program by which ICEC Centers will progress to where they can demonstrate that they have high-level quality assurance programs and are capable of participating in global cancer care and research efforts. It is anticipated that this 5-step approach will be available for review by the end of 2016. Individuals who are interested in serving as an Expert Mentor, or as an ICEC Associate for mentorship, should complete and submit an application to the ICEC Review Panel. Applications are available online at https://www.iceccancer.org/apply/

Expert Panels:
We continue to form Expert Panels engaging with professionals involved in cancer care including: radiation oncology, medical oncology, physics (with partner organizations, e.g., Medical Physics for World Benefit and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine), pathology (or with partner networks), radiology (also potentially with partner networks), pharmacy, nursing, palliative care as well as surgical/gynecological oncology.  We will also begin to organize Expert Panels is supporting activities including economics and survivorship.

–  Inspired by discussions at the Stanford course on Human Rights and with other retiring internists, ICEC continues to pursue building a General Medicine Expert Panel. This is important both to assist with cancer care but also to work on establishing a sustainable healthcare infrastructure as outlined in the General Section. Interested participants are encouraged to contact ICEC.

Indigenous populations:
Building on the success of the “Walking Forward” program for American Indians in South Dakota (Hub and Center) we are working with other interested groups to make indigenous populations an integral component of global health. The session on indigenous populations at the UICC meeting in Paris in November 2016 reinforced ICEC’s determination to strengthen this aspect of ICEC’s program on global health. In recognition of these outstanding efforts, the Journal of Global Oncology is interested in promoting a section related to indigenous populations.