The Time is Now: Solutions to reduce the global cancer burden exist

“If only one effective radiation treatment unit is commissioned every week, it will take a century to solve this problem.”  — Gap projections by the IAEA

Dr. C. Norman Coleman’s and Dr. Bruce D. Minsky’s comment, “The Verdict is in: The Time For Effective Solutions to the Global Cancer Burden is Now,” supports the need assessment and economic analysis by Rifat Atun and colleagues, found in the September issue of The Lancet Oncology.  Coleman and Minsky offer that there are opportunities for innovative technologies to cope with and dramatically improve the challenging infrastructures in low-and middle-income countries as well as with indigenous populations in resource-rich countries. Experts around the world are both available and eager to mentor, train and sustain health care professionals in these areas.   As a society we can no longer ignore this problem; the verdict is in—and the time is NOW.