Just released! Read the ICEC Essential News Letter

The July 2017 issue of the “ICEC Essential News Letter” provides a detailed overview of our current activities. These include the efforts of our Early Career Leaders expanding twinning partnerships; ICEC’s endeavors to develop and make more accessible, first-rate radiation treatment systems capable of functioning in challenging environments and developing countries; and implementing the ICEC 5-Step Progression Plan. The 5-Step Progression Plan is a program supported by the ICEC mentoring network that provides a capacity building strategy to facilitate the creation of a sustainable platform for the sharing of best practices and learnings from each other through information and technology transfer. This model program provides plans, metrics, assessment of progress and deliverables all of which are now essential to validate investment of resources and for success with grants, foundations, and supporters. The ultimate aim is for the ICEC Centers and Associates to progress to become regional and global leaders in oncology care.

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