Henry S. and Leah Kaplan Human Rights and Service to Humanity Grants and Award

Dr. Henry S. Kaplan (1918-1984)

Dr. Henry S. Kaplan (1918-1984)

Leah Lebeson Kaplan (1921-2004)

The Kaplans and their extended family have made and continue to make substantial contributions and commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of others and of society as a whole. While Dr. Henry S. Kaplan’s pioneering work in the cure of Hodgkin’s disease and in cancer biology at Stanford  and as the co-developer of the medical linear accelerator and standards for its use for cancer treatment are well known, both he and his wife, Leah Kaplan, as the Dean of Women and Ombudsperson at Stanford and a social worker, counselor and psychotherapist, served as extraordinarily effective mentors and role models for service to humanity and human rights.

Character endures long after individual actions

The next generation of the extended Kaplan families continues this effort to include careers and volunteer efforts that provide direct patient care, work in their local communities and service on foundation boards. The enduring contribution of the “next generations” of world-renowned experts is worthy of recognition as an example of how role modeling transcends generations.

ICEC is undertaking the challenge to cure and palliate patients with cancer who now are in the morally unacceptable situation of having little to no access to care. Such challenging work is more easily done with inspiration from people with vision and great dedication.  There are a great many professionals whose lives have been more fulfilling because of connectivity to the Kaplan family. The character and inspiration of Henry, Leah, Ann and Paul Kaplan and of Robert Spears recognize the trans-generational power of leadership, mentorship and commitment to values of human service. This fund is to recognize the human service and human rights contributions of all of the Kaplans and their extended families and to honor those who follow their example of service, compassion and dedication.

Henry S. and Leah Kaplan Human Rights and Service to Humanity Fund

The Henry S. and Leah Kaplan Human Rights and Service to Humanity Fund will provide peer-reviewed support for mentorship and leadership activities for the ICEC.  This will include individual peer-reviewed grant awards to partially support mentorship and group peer-reviewed grant awards for specific ICEC-affiliated projects that emphasize the human rights aspect of global health.

Henry S. and Leah Kaplan Human Rights and Service to Humanity Award

An occasional separate and distinct award, the Henry S. and Leah Kaplan Human Rights and Service to Humanity Award, will serve as an instrument of good to highlight the efforts of select extraordinary individuals whose work has had a truly significant impact on global health.

Application Process

Persons, practices or academic centers who have an interest in applying for support, or to become an ICEC Hub, Expert, Center or Associate should complete an ICEC application found on the ICEC website at iceccancer.org/apply/. Please note your interest in applying for the Kaplan Fund on the form. Questions or other inquiries about the fund should be directed to ICEC at development@iceccancer.org.

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