Dr. C. Norman Coleman to receive The Ellen L. Stovall Award for In novation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care

The Ellen L. Stovall Award for Innovation in Patient-Centered Cancer Care is a unique opportunity for patients and survivors to recognize exceptional providers who are transforming cancer care.
The Stovall Award is awarded annually to individuals, organizations, or other entities who demonstrate innovation in improving cancer care for patients in America. NCCS created the Stovall Award in honor of Ellen Stovall, our longtime CEO who passed away in 2016 due to cardiac complications from her cancer treatment. In addition to Ellen’s pivotal efforts ensuring the delivery of high-quality cancer care and to survivorship,  Ellen was a founding board member of the International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC), an organization that provided a conduit for to expand her efforts globally. Learn more about Dr. Coleman’s work, ICEC and the Ellen L. Stovall award.NCCS Announces 2018 Stovall Award Honorees