Harmar Brereton

Harmar D. Brereton, MD

Dr. Brereton graduated from Yale University in 1965 with a Degree in History.  In 1970, he graduated with a medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh.   Subsequent training in Internal Medicine took him to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Brereton spent the next six years at the National Cancer Institute doing clinical and basic research and obtained certification in both Medical Oncology and Hematology.  He completed additional training at Johns Hopkins for Radiation Oncology and was board certified.

Dr. Brereton served on the staff at Georgetown University for two years and then entered private practice where he spent thirty-three years in developing the cancer services in his community of Scranton, Pennsylvania. His medical practice expanded to involve offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in a coordinated radiation oncology system.  To manage this system, Dr. Brereton founded Healthcare Management Resources (HMR), a cancer center development, management and recruiting firm. For the last seven years, at the end of his private practice career, he has been involved in the development of a new school, The Commonwealth Medical College, now the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, where he continues to serve on the faculty as a Clinical Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Brereton’s community service outside of medicine has focused on education and public broadcasting. He currently teaches at Weill Cornell School of Medicine and serves on the Board of the Jung Foundation in New York.